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!! Happy New Year 2023 !!     Trust EQUITYJUDGE. Computers and algorithm do not cheat and do not lies......    Welcome to Equityjudge.. | We Help You To Make Investment Easy.... | Investment Decisions Are Automated.. | Success Rate Of Suggestion 80-100% | Algorithm Generate Daily Suggestions On All Listed Companies.. | Register Free and Experience Yourself

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Welcome to Equityjudge

       Equityjudge is a product aimed at serving the general investing community who are not expert in taking decision with regard to equity investing.The Effort can be described as "EQUITY INVESTMENT MADE EASY" in nut shell .The investor can arrive at investment decision by using this platform which will be well informed , sound and even better than the expert advice. The suggestions made on the platform are devoid of emotions, sentiments and any element of vested interest.

Equityjudge Offers

  • Suggestions generated by algorithms based on pattern recognition techniques.
  • Estimated success rate of our prediction is 80-100%.
  • Records of Portfolio for the subscriber is supported up to capital gain calculation.
  • Suggestion can be used for buy/sell/hold decision even by experts.
  • Every day new highlights are generating after market hours.
  • Suggestion are generated daily on all listed stock.

       We believe this platform will fill the vital gap in the available options to the investors. It operates purely on in-house developed computer algorithms. These are predictive algorithms developed on pattern recognition techniques.



20-03-2023 02:44 PM
CompanyName Price Variation % Var.
HINDUSTAN ADHESIVES LTD. 253.0 +34.3 +15.68
UNIQUE ORGANICS LTD. 43.97 +4.36 +11.01
Remi Edelstahl Tubulars Limited 40.88 +3.72 +10.01
20-03-2023 02:44 PM
CompanyName Price Variation % Var.
GARNET CONSTRUCTION LTD. 11.28 -2.66 -19.08
SHRI BAJRANG ALLOYS LTD. 151.75 -25.25 -14.27
TAPARIA TOOLS LTD. 10.5 -1.64 -13.51
Parnami Credits Ltd 39.01 -5.44 -12.24
Margo Finance Limited 29.85 -3.93 -11.63
20-03-2023 02:44 PM
CompanyName Price TurnOver(Cr.) Volume
PVR LTD. 1542.0 378.37 2453778
ADANI GREEN ENERGY LTD. 836.45 77.14 922275
ADANI ENTERPRISES LTD. 1793.9 73.67 410681
Bajaj Finance Limited 5534.95 68.04 122922
YES BANK LTD. 15.24 47.09 30896989


BSE SENSEX : 57459.45 [▼-530.45(-0.91%)]