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Our Story

  Website - equityjudge.com is a product, brought out by Qualde Digital Services Private Limited. This platform is aimed at serving the general investing community who are not expert in taking decision with regard to equity investing. Recognising the futility and inadequacy of cacophony generated by business news channels, print media and various stock market participants, we decided to work in the direction of automating the investment decision making. The Effort can be described as "EQUITY INVESTMENT MADE EASY" in nut shell .The investor can arrive at investment decision by using this platform which will be well informed , sound and even better than the expert advice. The suggestions made on the platform are devoid of emotions, sentiments and any element of vested interest.

  We believe this platform will fill the vital gap in the available options to the investors. It operates purely on in-house developed computer algorithms. These are predictive algorithms developed on pattern recognition techniques. The efficacy of the algorithms has been found to be correct in the range of 80-100%.

But we had a dream

  After long time of research and dedication by expertise of the stock market , we came to final conclusion to develop an application which gives you a lot .Our expert team gathered requirement from the various source like stock expertise , investors , checking previous records of the stock-Market etc. And decided to develop an application which provides algorithmic suggestion based on the stock value. Finally we reached a stage wherein the team of developers(coders) realized the dream of expert team.

And we believe we are on the right track.

  Today's we are in the position to examine the stock market behavior and provides algorithmic prediction that gives the satisfactory result . Our expert team and third Party expert team tested every aspect of our application.

Here we are not giving up.

  Our expertise team is researching continuously about the Stock behavior to extend the features of our product and planning to provide a solution globally .we continue to follow our dream every day , every week , every month or each fraction of time.

Strategy for lay investors

  Our product is user-friendly.

What We are Offer

"Algorithmic predictions"

    We are offering the Algorithmic predictions on stocks based on the share market movements . It gives you the current status of the individual stock and what would be the algorithmic future status of that stock. Investors may benefits by using algorithmic predictions in making fresh investment.disinvestment or sanitizing their existing holdings.


    Portfolio tracker provides information like share purchased/sell details , long/sort term GAINS, current profit/loss of holdings.


    Trend provides the graphical representation of the selected stocks over a period of past 1 year for knowledgeable investors. Its allows the user to study 15, 30, 100 and 200 daily moving average and also provide the facility to compare the stock movement with respect to BSE SENSEX.

Our Equityjudge Team

Mr.Ramanand Tyagi

Shweta Singh
Chetan G
Chintan Joshi
Manish Kumar
Baijnath Saw
Vikas Kumar